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A very warm welcome to my review website, Laptop Lifestyle Review.com. With such a busy schedule that we all follow I really appreciate you stopping by to check out this ‘About Me’ page so that you can learn a lot more about Mark Ford and My Story.

If you are anything like me you will love building businesses that enable you to live an internet laptop lifestyle. I will explain how I am doing this but first of all let me tell you about the reason why I started to write internet laptop lifestyle reviews along with telling you a little bit more about myself …

Why Did Mark Ford Start to Write Internet Laptop Lifestyle Reviews?


I trade under the business name, Nice Money Publications. This is managed and run by myself daily with work being outsourced through various outsourcing channels as appropriate. This business deals with sharing information on business opportunities working from home, information publishing, writing internet laptop lifestyle product reviews, marketing and mentoring through the Six Figure Mentors.

I have called the business ‘Nice Money Publications’ because it is all about publishing information on the home based businesses and internet laptop lifestyle products that you may be looking for.

The reason why I started this businesses and started writing reviews was because I wanted to work from home, have control over my future, spend more time with my family and friends, be charitable and enjoy the freedom that a home based business gives you. I was fed up with my 9 to 5 job (see more on this further down the page) and I therefore set about creating this website (and many others) because I want to meet and network with other entrepreneurs in the same situation as you and help and inspire them to discover a better alternative just like I did.

You may be like me in wanting to build businesses that provide residual income and an internet laptop lifestyle and to help you with this you want to read comprehensive reviews of internet marketing and internet laptop lifestyle products. When building my own internet business I could not find many comprehensive internet laptop lifestyle reviews around. Therefore, I thought I would write up some reviews on this website to help any of you who are in the same position as I was.

Mark Ford – Who Am I?


Mark Ford

I am just a normal person like you whose parents worked in factories and social clubs to provide their children with a loving comfortable childhood. From an early age I saw how hard my parents were working and the hours they were putting in just to keep the roof over our heads and I suppose to a certain extent this has rubbed of on me because I will work for as long as it takes to get a job done.

I always thought though that there must be a better way but with the conditioning drummed into me from an early age by my parents and society … go to school … get good qualifications … and get a well paid job for a secure future … (nothing wrong with that if that’s the way you want to go …) I followed the norm, studied hard and ended up with a bag full of qualifications in many subjects that I do not use today.

I have always had this ambitious entrepreneurial spirit running through me and I like to set myself challenges, achieve them and move on. I could not see the sense of studying subjects that I wouldn’t use in life or in a career and as I was always told that this was the norm I just followed the system and studied hard.

It all led to me obtaining an administrative job in a legal office as a sixteen year old and progressing through the ranks, continuing with my studies, and eventually at the age of 34 passing the examinations to qualify as a solicitor.

It was a bit of a painful journey because I got divorced along the way, but I persisted and travelled to the Law Society Halls, London with my family for the presentations in the summer of 1994.

So what did I really achieve? Well yes, absolutely brilliant to qualify as a lawyer but it still led to following the trend of working to get a well paid job, falling into the routine of life to get up, get ready for work, have breakfast, travel to the office sitting in the rush hour traffic, work 9 to 5, sit in the rush hour traffic on the way home, enjoy your evening and do it all again the following day five days a week.

Yes, I had a great career and a good income that I had worked very hard for. I was very grateful for that but I felt something was missing … I was stuck with the safe comfortable life that many would like where I could just sit back if I wanted to, do the work and pick up the wages at the end of the month but that was not quite enough for me because it was not just about the money, the job had to continue to challenge me and motivate me to get up in the morning.

For many years like I say, I had this entrepreneurial spirit burning inside me, my passion for the job was evaporating and I always thought that there had to be another and more exciting way to earn a living.

It was when I eventually got totally disillusioned and fed up with the constant changes to my job to the point that what I had studied at law school was a waste of time because it bore no relation to what I was now doing at work. New laws were being introduced faster than an express train and the job was becoming more administrative in nature by the day to the point that I felt that my legal skills were being under used and I was more of a clerical officer than a lawyer.

As I knew that I would really enjoy being my own boss where I would not be restricted by a 9 to 5 lifestyle and answerable to someone else, I decided that writing product reviews, operating a home based business and learning all I could about marketing and online businesses was the way to go.

I eventually made a massive decision to change my life, give up my income, take a different road, and at 46 years of age start from scratch working from home building businesses that would give me;

1. No geographical ties

2. Global market potential

3. Internet Laptop Lifestyle

4. No employed staff but outsource the work

5. Low overheadsHigh profit margins

6. Not to be tied to telephones and the office all day

7. Time freedomFinancial freedom

8. Work towards a position where I work, if I have to, a maximum of 4 hours a day just managing the networks I have set up

9. Work with like minded people helping others succeed as much as I possibly can

I started in 2006 by building a property portfolio. It was a bit of a crazy time at the start as I bought fourteen properties in the first year and then consolidated the position afterwards until I eventually acquired another seven buy to let properties.

Having got the property business up and running I started to search the Internet for other home based businesses that would give me a residual income but I soon realised that there is a ton of information out there and many hundreds, if not thousands, of business opportunities online.

I started to ask myself, how would I know which one to choose and how can I be sure that they are legitimate make money online opportunities? I also could not find many real and comprehensive reviews about internet laptop lifestyle products, internet marketing services or business opportunities working from home.

I decided that if I was to have a really successful business I would need to take action and spend the time learning about how a particular product or service could move me towards an internet laptop lifestyle. I would then be able to help others looking for the same information that I was by writing product reviews on what I had learnt.

I also realised that I would need to learn marketing and embrace the internet where I work with a team of like minded people who are willing to help me. How was I going to do that? Well, I thought my best course of action was to find business mentors whose experience would help me and from whom I could learn as quickly as possible.

I have always found that when I focus on things in a positive way the answer comes through and for me that was a realization that I needed a mentor. If I aligned myself with the right mentors I would be able to build the type of business that I wanted to be involved with and promote legitimate business opportunities.

Having decided that I needed a mentor I was fortunate enough, back in 2008, to receive a business publication through the post from work from home business entrepreneur, Andrew Reynolds.

Andrew Reynolds


This caused me to find out all I could about Andrew Reynolds. What I discovered and liked best was how ethical he was in the way he ran his businesses and how he seemed to want to go out of his way to help people succeed in the same way that he has, as a self made multi-millionaire.

Andrew Reynolds has been very inspirational to me and has been one of my mentors on my journey to setting up and running home based businesses.

I have attended Andrew Reynolds bootcamps and bought a number of his products which have been a tremendous help to me in learning about this home based business opportunity industry. It opened my eyes up to a completely different way of working and earning money.

Besides Andrew Reynolds, I have also been fortunate enough to find on my journey a top Internet marketing mentor and high ticket guru, Stuart Ross, co-founder of the Six Figure Mentors.

Stuart Ross


I believe in hard work, sticking to the task in hand, staying focused on my goals, leadership and sharing as much information as I can to help others succeed.

Through sheer perseverance, home study courses, buying many products, and attending bootcamps, seminars and workshops I learnt a lot about writing product reviews and Internet marketing myself. However, I was looking to implement what I had learnt, and not spend anymore time going on courses so I searched for and found an online training product which meant that I could learn in my own time.

I also searched for an online community of internet marketers who I could interact with so that I did not feel isolated working from home.

The solution I found was The Six Figure Mentors. I have now become an elite member of this top internet marketing training program and community.

Allow me to share with you the Six Figure Mentors mission statement, so that when you are considering the Six Figure Mentors, you will be aware what the company is saying about protecting the integrity of the company and qualifying for a membership position with the Six Figure Mentors.

Quote “We are committed to protecting the integrity of our company. We see this both as an expression of enlightened self-interest, and as a protection of the stewardship our members have entrusted us with. Therefore, membership is limited to referrals and qualified applicants only”

Check out my Six Figure Mentors video below for more information …

Six Figure Mentors Video

A Little Bit About Myself … Mark Ford – Family Background

Mark Ford


My name is Mark Ford and I originate from Bournville, Birmingham, UK but I now live in Staffordshire. I have one of the best friends you could ever wish for, Carol Fountain (pictured above) and an adult son who lives in Birmingham with his mother. My parents separated some time back and my mother now lives with my step father quite close to me in Staffordshire.

Unfortunately, I lost my father to lung cancer in 2006 and, along with my own inner desire to build a successful home based business, this has been one of the drivers that helped me decide to leave my previous profession as a licensing lawyer and work for myself building online businesses.

I also have one brother living with his partner in Staffordshire and one sister living with her husband in Evesham, Worcestershire.

My extended family are spread all across the UK and I have lots of aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces and cousins too numerous to mention.

Mark Ford – Where Am I From?

I was brought up in Bournville, Birmingham, UK and lived for many years near the Cadbury’s chocolate factory. My mother worked at the Cadbury’s factory and how good was it as a youngster to have a never ending supply of chocolate from the Cadbury’s chocolate shop?

I have posted below two Cadbury World videos which will give you a run through of the Cadbury World experience.

Cadbury World Video 1 – Cadbury World TV Advertisement

Cadbury World Video 2 – Undercover at Cadbury World

My father served on H.M.S. Ajax with the Royal Navy during World War II and on leaving the Royal Navy he worked for many years at the Longbridge Car Factory, Birmingham, UK.

My father eventually left the Longbridge Plant, perhaps because he became tired of the permanent night shifts, and became an insurance salesman. He always enjoyed a drink and the social side of life and wanted to fulfil a passion of running a social club. This led him to leave his sales career behind and become the steward of a number of ex service mens clubs on a relief and full time basis.

He was a very good manager and had many successful years in business running the social clubs. I remember how as a teenager I used to enjoy learning from him and helping him out in managing and running the various businesses.

We shared our love of cricket and we had a lot of lengthy debates about the UK legal system, which he felt strongly about, but unfortunately, after many happy years together, in April 2006 I lost my father to lung cancer.

At this time I was still pursuing my legal career but for some time I had been thinking about setting up businesses that would give me an alternative lifestyle.

The legal profession was something that was not challenging me anymore and the loss of my father perhaps helped push me forward to make the decision to leave my job.

After all the events surrounding the loss of my father I took a two month leave of absence from work and this enabled me to re-focus and look at what I wanted to do with my future.

This led me to leave my legal job in September 2006 and open a property business and having built up a property portfolio, to then move onto what I really wanted to do by setting up my home based business, Nice Money Publications.

Favourite Causes & Charities

A part of my reasoning for working from home and running property investment and internet marketing businesses is that I would like to be charitable and make donations to a lung cancer charity. It’s my way of giving back to the organizations who made my father’s passing so much easier for me and my family.

Mark Ford – A Family Picture!

Mark Ford, Nigel Ford & Cousin Rennie Walker

My brother, Nigel Ford (picture above) loves to chill out playing his guitar with his family and friends. Before coming back to the UK Nigel Ford spent many years living abroad running his graphic design business in Gran Canaria.

This was just great because I used to love to travel to Gran Canaria (often on a whim) to see him four or five times a year.

Mark Ford – My Business Life And Previous Jobs After School

I left school in 1977 and managed to get myself a job in the legal profession. Whilst holding down this full time job I eventually qualified as a solicitor which enabled me to gain promotion.

The area of law that I enjoyed the most was the licensing of public houses, clubs, night clubs, restaurants and betting offices. I worked as a licensing lawyer for many years serving licensing committees and local authorities.

However, the Government decided that they would change the law and move the responsibility for licensing to a different authority. I did not want to really work in any other area of law and the job was also becoming more administrative based rather than using the extensive legal skills that I had developed.

I could see that the opportunities within the legal service where being stripped away and that, whilst I could just stay in the job and earn a reasonable income, if I stayed on I would not be able to fulfil my desire to help out a lung cancer charity, have as much time as I want to enjoy life or spend time with family and friends. Things had to change! I was 46 at the time and time was pushing on. I was fast running out of time!

When I saw that I could not develop my legal career any further and the enjoyment had been taken out of the job, there came a time when I decided to look at alternative ways to work outside of a 9 to 5 environment and be my own boss.

Mark Ford

Some years ago, back in 2008, a ‘Self Made Millionaire’ magazine from work from home business entrepreneur Andrew Reynolds landed on my door mat. This was at a time when I was thinking about looking for alternatives to my legal career. I read through the magazine with great interest and I was hooked. That was the moment that I decided that this was something that I wished to explore further and I ended up going down to Brighton in the UK, to attend Andrew Reynolds Entrepreneurs Bootcamp.

This was a massive eye opener into the world of running a home based business and my mind was buzzing after this two day event as to the endless possibilities. I came away with some health and fitness DVD’s with a licence to sell these under worldwide distribution rights. To this day I still make money selling these products and receive a monthly cheque in the post.

Rather than just accept that this is the way it is and stay in a job that I was not enjoying anymore I decided to leave, give up my salary, and eventually set up my business Nice Money Publications.

Is this you? Are you fed up with what you are doing? You may wish to ask yourself about whether you want to look at alternatives. I can help you with this and if you take action you can change and improve your lifestyle. You have to though, like me, take that first step. My contact details are shown on this page.

Mark Ford – Hobbies & Interests


On the sporting front I like to travel watching international cricket in as many countries as I possibly can and I enjoy travel in general. Sydney, Australia in 2006/2007 was just brilliant and I would love to go again sometime.

Food, well not very fussy and a favourite past time! I enjoy all types of food from all countries except hot spicy stuff!

I like to take it easy, relax walking through the countryside, watch a good film, take trips to the theatre and just kick back socialising when I can.

I also like my cars and in the past I have owned a number of cars including a Jaguar XJS. My favourite cars now are BMW’s and below is a picture inside of one of the BMW’s I used to own, a BMW 3 Series Convertible …

Over the years I have attended numerous marketing workshops and invested heavily in my business and education. I am both self taught from home study courses and I have also learnt a lot from other business mentors. All the training courses I have been on have been both enjoyable and enlightening.

I am now trained daily at The Six Figure Mentors by many top industry leaders with full support from The Six Figure Community. I am looking to SFM to help educate me further about online marketing so that I can pass on my improved knowledge to others who will benefit from this experience.

I hope that through my journey I can help many others make money online, succeed with a home based business and achieve their ultimate success by sharing what I have learnt along the way.

I hope you have found my story and journey through life into the world of online and home based businesses interesting. Thank you for using your valuable time to learn more about Mark Ford. I wish you every success with your own ventures.

I wish you every success.

Mark Ford

Please contact me if you have any questions – Contact details at this link.

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